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Taste: Strong, full-bodied, cocoa

For us, robusta and arabica are equal partners, and in Krafti they merge seamlessly together. Guatemalan arabica brings freshness and sweetness while being complemented by washed Indian robusta with a smooth but strong touch. Thick, full-bodied and cocoa-like, Krafti works as a strong and interesting espresso or as a base for a coffee and milk drink.

Our robusta comes from WOFFA cooperative from Wayanad Kerala, Southern India. The members of WOFFA cooperative together decide how to use Fairtrade premium - this has helped to improve the farmers´ living conditions, social security and overall the wellbeing of the community. Fairtrade premium has helped also to develop the local infrastructure and farming practices.

Krafti’s arabica, on the other hand, comes from Guatemala, Quetzaltenango Colomba. It comes from Rio Negro community which belongs to COPECAFE cooperative. The area is ideal for coffee cultivation as temperature varies between 15-23 degrees combined to adequate rainfall. We have sourced the coffee via FECCEG organization. The aim of FECCEG is making coffee production and sourcing process as direct as possible avoiding middle operators and promote the top quality Guatemalan coffee to access international market.

Origin: India, Wayanad, Kerala. Guatemala, Quetzaltenango, Colomba.
Varieties: India Robusta 70% - Guatemala Arabica 30%
Processing: Washed - Washed
Roast level: 4 / 5 (Dark)

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