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Flavor: Nutty, soft, and chocolatey

Our Honduran single origin coffee comes from Marcala, La Paz, in the western part of Honduras, and has a smooth and nutty flavor. Despite the lighter roast of the coffee, the coffee mixes perfectly with milk, giving flavors reminiscent of a peanut spread, complemented by a full bodied mouthfeel.

Organic coffee is a must, for the small farmers of Café Organica Marcala (COMSA).This coffee has the added speciality of being Fair Trade certified as well. COMSA was founded in 2001, and at the time, the number of members was a small 65 farmers. Over the years, the farming community has strengthened to 1,250 members, with the average size of coffee plantations being about 3 hectares per farmer, and a quarter of these members are women. COMSA supports farmers in developing their farms and their knowledge by creating innovative farming techniques such as converting bio-waste from coffee processing into organic fertilizer with an environmentally friendly and production-enhancing effect. In addition, COMSA supports the well-being of the community by enabling children and young people to attend school, which is important for their future opportunities and human growth. COMSA has been Fairtrade-certified since 2005, when members of the farming community learned from other farmers in the area that the fixed minimum price of coffee guaranteed by Fairtrade was almost three times the market price.

Origin: Honduras, Marcala, La Paz
Variety: Icatu, Lempira, Catuai, Yellow Catuai
Processing: Washed
Altitude: noin 1600 m
Roast level: Medium-Light (2/5)

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