Be a part of our Zero-Waste Concept

Say goodbye to packaging waste and order your coffee through our Zero-Waste concept. With our Zero-Waste concept, you receive your coffee in food safe 8 kg metal barrels instead of the usual plastic packaging. Each barrel saves our HoReCa customers more than half a kilo of packaging waste, amounting to an average savings of 30kg per year!

These sleek barrels can withstand many uses. Stacking them also saves space before getting them refilled. We can deliver the new, full barrels straight to your door, and pick up the old barrels at the same time!

Barrels are custom products included in our Zero Waste concept, so orders can be placed through our sales team. All of our coffees can be ordered in barrels, besides our seasonal coffees.

Our Zero Waste concept is available to HoReCa companies.



Our Zero Waste concept is an easy and effective way to significantly and measurably reduce the environmental impact of your business. By choosing to protect the environment, you're making your business more responsible and conscientious. 

Implementing the concept at your business is very easy and doesn't require any initial or additional investment. You can get started immediately by contacting our sales team at 09 260 0221 / .



If our Zero Waste concept isn’t an option for your business, don’t worry. Our coffees are still sourced, roasted, and produced responsibly with minimal environmental impact. Read more on our values page.

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