ROST For Businesses

Interested in becoming one of our business customers? For our office, hotel, restaurant, or cafe (HoReCa) customers, we continue to provide quality coffee and service, but with a few more additional benefits.


Zero-Waste Orders

Say goodbye to packaging waste and order your coffee through our Zero-Waste concept. With our Zero-Waste concept, you receive your coffee in food safe 8 kg metal barrels instead of the usual plastic packaging. This concept is a simple way to significantly and measurably reduce the environmental impact of your business. Even small steps like this play a part in making your business more responsible and environmentally conscious.

Learn more about Zero-Waste here or get your order in immediately by getting in touch with our sales team / 09 260 0221


Private Label

Create your own branded coffee by putting your logo or label on our coffee bags with our Private Label coffees. You can work with us to create your labels or present your ideas directly to us and we'll make it work. 

Get in touch with our sales team and we can tell you more about Private Label orders. 


Support Coffee

Support your small business or sports team with #SUPPORTKAHVI. With support coffee, we bring together our classic coffees and your logo to create a softly branded packaging. You can order support coffees and sell them directly out of your own store, or have us sell the coffees through our webshop and a portion of the sales will be transfered to you. 

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