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ROST & CO. is a small roastery in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, whose name roots from the Swedish word for  roaster and perfectly represents our professional roasting team. We are passionate about coffee and develop our products with the utmost respect for the raw materials. We source our green beans from responsible partners around the world, meaning you can enjoy our coffee with a good conscience. 


Part of a quality selection includes offering a variety of roasts and flavors. Our fair trade and organic selection includes a variety of light to dark roasted espressos and filter coffees. Additionally we have a line of single-origin seasonal coffees that are usually light roasted and a bit more complex in flavor. These coffees are always sourced directly from the farm or from a smaller coffee supplier. 


Our coffees can be purchased for home directly from our web store, from Kaffecentralen's store in Kamppi, or from one of our many HoReCa customers around Finland.

If you're interested in providing our coffees at your business (hotel, restaurant, cafe, or office), drop us a message and our sales team will get in touch.


Sales team


Sauli Ahto– HoReCa customers (020-7348311)

Kimmo Sipiläinen– Office customers (020-7348315)

John Söderlund– CEO ( / 020-7348310)


Production team


Antti Kivelä – Roast master ( // 040-4802563)

Ari Antikainen – Roaster

Jakob Lindström– Production

22.4.2016 - ROST is started!
ROST began in 2016 when five coffee lovers decided it was time to take their coffee skills to the next level. Of course this meant creating a brand new coffee roastery in the area of Lauttasaari in Helsinki. John, Silja, Samuli, Sampo, and Priit got to work at the start of 2016, and speedly set plans into motion so that they could reveal their new coffee roastery for the first time at Helsinki Coffee Festival. For this reason, our birthday always falls close to the time of Finland's best coffee event!
18.4.2018 - Antti Starts Roasting
Welcome to the team, Antti! Antti hit the ground running with his roasting when his first ever coffee released was an unforgettable Ethiopian coffee. Those who got the chance to taste it still remember this coffee fondly. 


2.7.2018 - New Probat Roaster

The roastery is starting to have our hands full with orders, so to help us out we bought another Probat P12 to keep up with deman.

Now, our small roastery space is filled with two roasting machines, lots of new and exciting coffee, and plenty of passion for creating a name for ourselves in the Helsinki coffee scene.





29.11.2019 - Zero Waste Concept 

Our Zero-waste concept and reusable barrels were put to use because we wanted to reduce the amount of packaging waste and minimize our carbon footprints as much as possible. The conept is mainly used by our HoReCa customers, and saves 30kg of packaging waster per year per barrel. 




20.12.2019 - Satokausi Series Introduced

Introducing, our Satokausi Series! Satokausi means 'harvest season' in Finnish, and that perfectly describes how we choose these coffees. To add to our selection of Fair Trade and organic coffees, we wanted to offer our customers a selection of smaller, more exotic micro-lot coffees. All of our satokausi coffees are sinle-origin seasonal coffees that we purchase either directly from the farms or through a smaller coffee supplier. 


8.4.2020 - New Loring Roaster

Goodbye Probat P12 and hello Loring S35 Kestrel! We're continuing to improve our roastery and roasting process, now with a newer, bigger coffee roaster. The Loring Kestrel is also more ecological, with it's gas and COs emissions being almost 40% lower than your typical coffee roaster. The roasting process is also a bit softer, which can be seen in the flavors of our coffees as well as the decreased amount of roasting waste.


12.4.2020 - Roastery Store Opened

Amidst the craziness of the world, we decided to open a small store in the same location as our roatery. Part of the reason for our opening was to offer our Lauttasaari neighbors the chance to get better coffee closer, but it was also important to us to offer our customers a chance to see the roastery and learn a bit more about where their coffee comes from and the whole roasting process. 

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