We take pride in being a part of a sustainable and ethical coffee culture. Social and ecological responsibility must be represented, both in values ​​and in everyday life - now and tomorrow



We roast our coffee with the Loring Kestrel S35 roaster, which consumes about 40% less gas than traditional roasters, decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions. A more gentle roasting process also preserves the delicate and complex flavours of coffee, while reducing the excess wastes that can come  from the normal roasting process.

Our consumer packaging is made from recyclable plastic and the CO2 emissions from their production have been compensated. For HoReCa customers, we offer the ZeroWaste concept, where there is no packaging waste at all and coffee is ordered and delivered in re-usable coffee barrels. This concept saves each Zero-Waste customer over 30kg of packaging waste a year.



As a roastery, we want to enable and support sustainable coffee cultivation and production. Part of this comes from educating and informing our customers, but a larger part is seen through our coffee production process. Because of this, a large part of our coffee comes from Fair Trade and organic coffee growers. Currently more than 90% (2021) of our production is both organic and Fair Trade certified. Additionally, the coffees in our Satokausi (seasonal) series are always from micro farming lots and we purchase them through Direct Trade or small raw coffee wholesalers.



The gentle roasting process with the Loring Kestrel preserves the delicate and complex flavors of our coffee beans. This is how we find the best features of the coffee, roast in a way that makes them stand out, and  guarantee our customers a unique experience with every coffee. With weekly cuppings to maintain quality control, we work to ensure that every bag we send out to customers is high quality and most importantly, delicious. 

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